About Common Room NAKATSU

What is Common Room Nakatsu?

sl__MG_0019It is a place that provides comfortable spaces and a variety of services also comprehensively assists all individuals, corporations and enterprises in terms of diversified activities.

[Coworking space] on the 2nd floor, offers various options to meet your expectations from short-term plan: ¥500 per hour to one-month membership plan: ¥ 4,900 ~ per month. [shared office] on the 3rd floor is appropriative for monthly plan members also with 2 meeting rooms available. We provide you plenty of valued solution plans to satisfy your various requirements. You can find suitable plans here which are designed for your participation of work, study, social activities and so on.
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Coworking space × Shared office

sl__MG_0004Coworking is a style of work, that involves a shared working environment and people with different professions who aim for the synergy that can happen from social communication and independent work. The idea indicates that independent entrepreneurs with specialized skills or freelancers, by working together in shared space can get more benefits compared with working individually. Common room Nakatsu aims to be a creative place for the benefit of communication among members and also to be a place filled of chances leading to the next step of your target.

Attractiveness of Common Room NAKATSU

  1. Internet, power supply, free drinks, services etc. Do not miss!
  2. From Subway Nakatsu station only 1-minute walk! From Hankyu Umeda station only 9 minutes walk.
  3. Interesting and friendly staffs are here including former camera shop manager!
  4. A wide variety of events are held frequently!
  5. Coworking space and shared office are featured. Either choice is ideal for a wide range of applications!