What is the origin of the name?

“Common room” means conversation room (of school), lounge, and waiting room.
It came from the thought that it will be great if there is a place for people studying or working in Nakatsu area to feel free to gather together. Through the interaction activities such as idea, hobbies and value sharing among member users, it leads to the growth of each other as a result.

When can I go for a visit or conversation?

You can visit Common room NAKATSU directly from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays / 9:00 to 20:00 on Saturday.
If you need consultation, please submit the inquiry form for a reservation.

If I go to Common room NAKATSU for the first time, can I start using immediately on the day?

Yes, it is possible. However, in the case of membership application, the interview is required. It goes smoothly if you could contact us in advance.

Can I use the service if I’m not a member?

That even if you apply for a visitor plan, a free registration is still required.
However, in the case of your participation in the event, there is exception.

Can I use wireless LAN and power?

Yes, they are available for free. Internet is available if you take a personal computer here.

Do you have a copy machine?

Yes, the compound color copy machine is available. Black and white copy is 10 / sheet, color copy is 50 / sheet.

Do you rent out personal computers?

Yes, we do. However, the number is limited so we suggest if possible you take your own computer here.

Is it possible to have a meeting with visitors?

Yes, the meeting room the meeting room is available. However, the reservation is necessary.
For Common room NAKATSU the meeting room members, the Meeting room of 3F is available up to 8 hours / month for free.

Can I leave the table halfway?

Yes. It is free to leave and come back halfway during opening hours.

I do not have personal computer so can I stay in Common room NAKATSU?

Yes, you are welcome. You may stay and enjoy studying or reading magazines, newspapers in the book corner.

Can I talk occasionally?

We appreciate that if you could refrain from talking in the case that may disturb others. However, we highly recommend you make more communication. If you want to focus on work well, dedicated space is another choice for you.

Smoking is not allowed indoors?

Yes, it is non-smoking . Please use designated smoking area.

Can I eat indoors?

Yes, you can. Drink bar is available at self-service for free (coffee, tea, juices). You can also bring in food and drink.

Do you have bicycle parking and car parking?

The bicycle parking was established. We don’t have our own car parking. You can use the parking lot nearby.

Please tell me the information about Osaka, Umeda.

Please refer to the following site. The map around Osaka station and Umeda station and event information, and the like have been published online for your convenience.